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April | Testimony Tag

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day and a great month of March! This month we are changing things up a bit (thanks to recommendations from Sister Amy and Brother Stuart), and instead of answering questions we will be opening it up to allow those tagged to share their testimony. This tag is aimed at honoring the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that is celebrated this month on Easter Sunday. (Whether you celebrate the holiday of Easter or not, I think all Christians can agree how important it is to remember the process Christ went through to give us hope and life).

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you to participate.
  2. Link back to the original post.
  3. Use the original featured image.
  4. Share your testimony in your own way, this is a tag meant for reflection and sharing the amazing gift God has given us of redemption.
  5. Nominate one or more people to participate.
  6. Enjoy the rest of your month! ❤
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I’m a little late on this post (we try to get these posts done in the first week of the month, and Purple Rose is the reason for that because she reminds me, I don’t know where my head would be without her). I blamed my lateness on homework and procrastination when a fellow blogger friend asked me about it. While that is certainly true, I think there was another reason I couldn’t quite explain yet. This tag is supposed to share our testimony and it requires a lot of reflection, reflection that I didn’t want to think about. I feel like I’m not really worthy of His mercy, and reflecting on God’s grace for me hasn’t been going so well lately.

A “Brief” Summary of My Testimony:

There’s so much I could write for my testimony, so I’m going to instead write a brief summary (remember, this is your testimony to share so do so as you please). 🙂

I was saved by Christ at seven years old when my amazing mother, Purple Rose, took me to a large church in the city we lived in. The service that day was super special, because I got to leave the main sanctuary and see Bibleman perform live! I was so excited. If you haven’t heard of him before, he dresses up in the full armor of God and uses the Word of God to destroy evil. For a little girl that loved superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Anakin Skywalker (what? Yes, Jedi are superheroes in my book), Bibleman was INCREDIBLE. Anyways, after the performance Bibleman asked if anyone would like to come up and receive Jesus in their hearts, he would pray with us. So, I ran up to the stage with a few dozen other kids and gave my heart to the Lord. Thank you for taking me, Mama ❤


Speaking of my mama, I would not be a Christian if it weren’t for her. In fact, God knows where I would be without her. She was raised in church and is a preacher’s daughter, yes (the best one), but she chooses to live it every day of her life despite the hell she has been through. That’s the difference between her and the many Christians who show up every week and “put on” a pleasant face so they can hide the darkness. No one is perfect, but she’s definitely the closest besides Jesus in my book.

A huge part of my testimony can be found in my post I was a “Mean Girl” too, which talks about my sin growing up in how I treated others. I still have a long way to go. I fall back into my old habits easily. I act like I know exactly what I’m talking about when I don’t (ignorant), I make promises I don’t keep (forgetful), I don’t always budget for tithe (thief), I snap at those I love (quick to anger), I barely read my Bible (unfaithful), I swear when I’m really upset (vulgar), sometimes I have bad thoughts that I instantly have to rebuke out of my head (tainted), and I don’t know how to heal from the past and move on when it feels like my heart has been torn apart (unforgiveness).

Wow, God, I’m… really sorry. How does a seven year old who loves Bibleman and wants to be Your super girl turn into me? How does a little girl grow up to have regret, pain, and the chains I have weighing me down?

I don’t understand what’s wrong with me sometimes and I’m trying to give it to God, but I don’t feel worthy of approaching when there are so many other people who have been through worse and turned out better.

Do you ever feel like that?

That’s my testimony so far…

Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

For this Monthly Tag, I am tagging:

Purple Rose (Co-Creator)

Stuart at Something to Stu Over

Vanessa at Living Like a Green Olive Tree

Like I said before, share your testimony how you want to share it. It is YOURS and it is shared for the purpose of glorifying Him and giving encouragement to one another. Enjoy it 🙂 I can’t wait to see yours if you choose to participate! ❤

Make Every Word Count,

Dollfaced Writer


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31 thoughts on “April | Testimony Tag”

  1. There may be others who have been through worse…but your testimony still matters. Because I guarantee theres another woman out there who has struggles Similar to yours who will need you. And when it happens you’ll feel so special because deep down you’ll know they needed someone like you…no one else!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. You’re welcome. It’s true what I said. It happened to me. I was able to help a girl who was raised similar me. God did a miracle in her life and I got to watch! Growing up, her bedroom was the enclosed patio and she had to fend for herself. She was doing ecstacy by 17 years old. She’s now married with 2 kids and just bought a house! God will use you…just wait!

        Liked by 2 people

  2. We all go through things for a reason. And that is to help others and encourage them. God wouldn’t have allowed you to go through what you’ve been through if it isn’t going to help you or help others who have gone through it too. What God brings you through is going to be the testimony that will bring someone else through. No test…No testimony. DON’T let the devil tell you that your testimony doesn’t matter!!!

    And Thank you for the tag! I will definitely do this soon!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I love this. I have the same issues you have sis. I’m forgetful. I have anger issues. I still curse sometimes. I still habe thoughts running through my head I have to pull out the shotgun and blow them away.
    I don’t deserve what God has blessed me with from my kids to His love and mercy. But I am so thankful for everything even when I complain about things.

    Thanks for the tag. I’ll work on this soon. May be this weekend before its finished.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you!! I can’t wait to see your post, Brother! ❤ It’s so easy to think we don’t deserve anything, especially when we mess up. Even if it’s something small like saying a curse word. Sometimes we get too caught up in how sin makes us feel like horrible people I think 😣


      1. You are very welcome sis! I’m not sure which part of story to share. Ive shared so much…lol And yet…not nearly enough. Maybe God will give me the go-ahead one day to finish sharing it all.

        And you are so right!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice work DollFace! You are so good at making these things, wow.

    Thank you for tagging me. 😎

    You are the BEST person I know. Why you are so hard on yourself I have no idea. You are always helping others (even when they treat you wrong), you never hurt anyone and I can’t even imaging a dirty word coming out of your pretty little mouth. 😮 Don’t worry though, when I get that mad… I can’t control anything I say. 😬 I don’t look saved in those moments. The thing is if you have a repentant heart. If you ask for forgiveness. That’s the important thing. When you stop feeling like sin is not sin… that’s when you have a problem.

    I look at it this way, Adam had God himself come down and walk in the garden with him. Adam couldn’t behave. The disciples, they had JESUS with them 24/7 and they scattered and ran like little girls during his crucifixion, Peter denied him THREE times. They couldn’t even pray one hour with their Savior? We’ve never seen Jesus, God has never joined me in the flesh on my morning walks… yet we believe. Baby, Don’t expect more out of yourself than the disciples or Adam. 😉 Keep your chin up and keep loving Jesus.

    I’m so proud of you. 💕

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah?! Thank you brother Stuart. 💕

        That’s the kind of stuff that can get me strange looks/in trouble at Bible study or during serious discussions with certain family members. However, I can go on and on like this when talking with DollFace or replying to comments. 😂 I honestly don’t know where it comes from.

        I have to stop myself almost daily and I often find myself covering my mouth with my hand when I realize I’m doing it. 😬

        Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s beautiful, Mama 😭 it’s so true. That could seriously be a post like Stuart said, even a sermon. Our family thinks they have all the talent and gifts, but really you have them most of all. 😊

      No wonder you are so amazing and forgiving when you think of stuff like that. YOU are the best person I know, I’ll never be like you. ❤ You have always had a heart of gold, no matter what.

      Your words are priceless to me. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you. 💜🌹

      Liked by 2 people

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